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5G And Its Ups and Downs

The latest technology that is being considered is 5G. Many people are talking about it and focusing on what this new technology will bring. The 5G is considered to be the next-generation mobile network which every individual is talking about. At present, the world is making use of the 3G or 4G smartphones which is considered to be fast. However, with 5G, the entire system would become even faster. It is believed that the 5G would pave way for a super-fast upload and download speeds, more reliable web connectivity, and there would be significantly fewer delays in transferring the data.

The mobile company of UK which is O2 is of the view that the 5G latency will be as low as the 1 millisecond versus 4G’s 40-60 milliseconds as some reports by Dissertation Writing Services. Moreover, the chipmaker brand which is Qualcomm is of the view that the download speeds will be 10 times faster and browsing would be 20 times faster than what is currently available with 4G. Moreover, the 5G would have the capability to connect with buildings, appliances, vehicles and other devices; something that is not presently available with 3G and 4G.

It should be noted here that 5G would not only provide faster speeds for smartphones, but it would also ensure that additional devices are connected for more time in more places. An example that can be considered here is that if individual lives, work or go to school in London and makes use of the London underground, the 5G factor would help in seamlessly connecting the web through an entire tube network, even if the individual is underground. This would be the power of 5G. There are already works taking place for transport for London to start their process with a pilot project which would roll out the 4G on the eastern half of the Jubliee line in March 2020, which is next month.

The 5G aspect is also considered to be technology smarter. An example that can be considered here is that if the individual is a driver, and has come across a breakdown in his car; he does not have anything to worry about. With the use of 5G, the vehicle can be accessed by the garage and can monitor the car remotely to see for any kind of early warning signs regarding the wear and tear, and the maintenance can be done in time before the problem gets worse. The individual would be able to save a significant amount of time and also ensure that he does not have to pay expensive amounts, especially when the condition of the car gets worse.

Apart from the transportation aspect, 5G can also be used to change the lifestyle at home. It should be noted here that the 20 to 30 digital devices at home which comprises of the smartphone, laptop, TV and smart speaker, thermostat, fridge, shower and burglar alarm, all can be easily connected, and function according to the way the user sets it. It would not be wrong to state here that this would make the life significantly easier for the user as he would not have to rely on each of the devices to manually function them. Moreover, these devices would inform the user well in advance if there is any malfunction taking place in the devices so that the user can rectify them well in time.

It is believed that the 5G factor would also change the life of the user outside the home as well. the idea of having driverless cars is an exciting feature that is being considered by many in the field. However, not every individual is happy about it. Many of the analysts are of the view that driverless cars are more prone to having accidents because, at any given time, any of the devices can malfunction which can cause the car to get involved in an accident. At this point who would be held responsible for the entire fiasco.

It would not be wrong to state that in some cases 5G can be considered as one of the best options, while in some cases it can be considered as one of the worst decisions as well.